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The PRSS is open to all public telecommunications entities, including

  • Independent producers,
  • Program syndicators and distributors,
  • National, state, and local organizations, and
  • Public radio stations.

To distribute programming over the system, content producers must register with the PRSS. Programs are distributed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To receive programs over the PRSS, a station must have access to the ContentDepotĀ® portal, the web interface through which stations and program producers interact with the system. The portal provides a vast digital catalog of all programs and episodes delivered through the system, an integrated messaging system, subscription features to enable stations to subscribe to programs, and reporting tools for both stations and producers. Stations share in the cost of operating the PRSS by paying an annual Distribution/Interconnection (D/I) fee.

Stations are responsible for securing usage rights from program producers for each program they plan to use from the satellite. Whether or not they charge a fee for these rights, most distributors require stations using their programs to inform them that they are doing so.