The Trust

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The Public Radio Satellite Interconnection System Charitable Trust owns the satellite transponder capacity and national operating system equipment used by the PRSS, which NPR manages and operates on behalf of all public radio users.

The Trust also manages an investment account that is used to support and maintain the equipment used by the PRSS. The Trust has no input regarding NPR or PRSS policies or NPR programming.

The Trust is managed by three trustees, who are elected by the beneficiaries of the Trust. The beneficiaries of the Trust are those public radio stations that have entered into interconnection agreements with NPR as a “participating station”.

While the trustees are subject to general law governing trusts and trustees, their powers and duties specific to the Trust are set forth in a Trust Agreement entered into by the trustees of the Trust and NPR. The Trust Agreement provides that the trustees may be subject to instructions from the beneficiaries of the Trust.

Any important action relating to the Trust, including the appointment of successor trustees, requires the trustees to obtain a “Direction of the Beneficiaries” by putting the action to a vote by the stations.