Emergency Kits Available

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What kind of emergency equipment do you have?

Our current kits inventory is comprised of the following:

  • 3 Transmitter kits
  • 3 Antenna kits
  • 3 Masts (included in Antenna kits)
  • 2 Studio kits

Keep in mind that some or all of these kits may already be loaned out when you call.  We’ll do our best to accommodate you!

What is included in each of these kits?

Each Transmitter kit is air-cooled, runs on 120-volt, 60 Hz AC power using local power or a generator, and consists of:

  • One 300-watt FM transmitter with internal frequency agile exciter, which supports 87.5 to 108 MHz and integrated audio processor
  • One FM receiver for “off-air” monitoring with level meters
  • One power conditioner
  • One 12’ N-N jumper cable
  • Two 25’ Ethernet cables
  • Three 30’ XLR cables
  • One heavy-duty rack case.

In addition, we can also provide upon request a 1-5/8” to N adaptor or a 3-1/8” to N adaptor for connecting into an existing line and antenna

Each Antenna kit consists of:

  • One Broadband FM antenna
  • One 75' RFC-400-UF cable with N connectors
  • One 30’ portable mast with guy ropes

Each Studio kit consists of:

  • One audio mixer and recorder
  • Three dynamic microphones
  • Three desktop microphone stands
  • Three pairs of headphones
  • All necessary cables and adaptors
  • Road case with foam insert.