ContentDepot: Producer Promotion Package

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The ContentDepot Producer Promotion Package is a new, FREE service provided by the PRSS to creators and distributors of public radio programming. This unique offering is designed to help promote your content and ensure public radio stations know about your shows and how to get them.

As part of the ContentDepot Producer Promotion Package, each participating producer will enjoy:

  1. A Profile in the SHOWCase Newsletter

    SHOWCase is a bimonthly newsletter that is read by program directors, general managers, and many others at all PRSS interconnected stations and NPR member stations. It’s a one-stop source for station personnel to review new and current shows they may wish to broadcast.
    Each profile would feature:
        •  Name of the show
        •  Company or show logos and graphics
        •  One paragraph description of the show
        •  A Q&A with the producer
        •  One paragraph overview of the producer
        •  Four to five photos or images that help bring the show to life
        •  Full contact info for the producer

  2. Show Spotlight on

    The homepage carries a ‘Feature’ area. Each month a show’s logo will be displayed under the heading “Featured Producer/Program”. Each feature box runs for at least wo calendar months.

  3. Social Media Promotion

    Share your news, updates, announcements and headlines via PRSS social media shout-outs! The PRSS will help broadcast your news with its Facebook and Twitter accounts, which are connected to and followed by numerous station representatives. Got a special show or series coming up? Let us help announce it to the world.