ContentDepot: Producer Program Permissions

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The last step in creating a producer contact is assigning specific program-level permissions. Use this feature if you want to restrict the functions an individual can access for a specific program or programs. To access the program-level permissions, click the "+" button next to the program name.

Important: If you have assigned program-related optional permissions on the previous "Optional Permissions" page, it will override this program-specific access. Make sure you have not assigned optional permissions if you want to establish access on a program-by-program basis.

Program permissions include:

  • Download Content not Subscribed
    Enables a contact to download content for this program for quality-control or other purposes.
  • Edit Program
    Enables a contact to edit the existing program information page.
  • Edit Subscription List
    Allows a contact to create and edit an authorized subscriber list for this program or its episodes.
  • Send Alert Program Mail
    Enables the contact to send alert messages for this program via the ContentDepot messaging system.
  • Send Program Mail
    Enables a contact to send messages on behalf of this program via the ContentDepot message system.
  • Upload Content
    Gives a contact the ability to upload content on behalf of this program.
  • View Subscription List
    Enables a contact to view the authorized subscriber list for this program.