Getting Started: Producer Incentives

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New Producer Discount

Distributors that are either entirely new to the PRSS or that have used the PRSS no more recently than three years before returning as users, are eligible for the following discounts:

1st year of transmission 50% off standard PRSS rates
2nd year of transmission 35% off standard PRSS rates
3rd year of transmission 25% off standard PRSS rates


Discounts Available to New and Existing Producers

Distributors will be eligible for the following additional discounts:

Minimum Hours Commitment*
(Must distribute a minimum of 52 hours of programs)
10% discount off occasional rates
Minimum Program Commitment*
(Must distribute at least one program a week for 52 weeks)
10% discount off occasional rates
Exclusivity Discount*
(Must exclusively distribute content via ContentDepot. Self distribution does not qualify)
  5% off posted contract rates
Multi-year contract discount No increase in rates for life of contract

* These discounts both require a one-year contract.