ContentDepot: Producer FAQs

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The tabs below will take you to frequently asked questions that may come up as you use the ContentDepot. For more detailed information, please refer to the Help system in the ContentDepot portal. Simply click on the "Help" link from any page in the ContentDepot portal.

  • Getting Access to the ContentDepot
  • Creating Station-friendly Programs
  • Preparing Files for the ContentDepot
  • Uploading Files to the ContentDepot
  • Messaging in the ContentDepot
  • Questions that Stations Might Ask about the ContentDepot
  • Other Questions of Interest

Getting Access to the ContentDepot

What is the ContentDepot portal?

The ContentDepot portal is the web interface for the ContentDepot. As a program producer, you can use the portal to set up users, send messages, and upload episodes.

The ContentDepot uses satellite technology to distribute your programs. Live programs must be scheduled for real time delivery in coordination with the Network Operations Center (NOC). Pre-recorded programs are delivered via satellite as files based on the air windows you specify. Satellite technology continues to provide the most effective and efficient means of reaching the broad and diverse network of stations within the PRSS. The ContentDepot also uses the Internet as well as equipment at stations to pull all of these technologies together into an automated distribution system.

How do I get a username and password to log in to ContentDepot?

Every producer has designated at least one ContentDepot administrator. When administrator accounts are set up, emails are sent to each administrator with his or her login information.
The ContentDepot administrator sets up user accounts for anyone at your organization that should have access to the ContentDepot portal. Administrators should refer to the ContentDepot administrator guide for the steps to create a new user.

You must provide a unique email address for each user that you create. Once a user account is created, login information will be emailed automatically to the individual.


I forgot my password. What do I do?

Use the "Forgot Password" link on the portal login page if you have forgotten your password. When you click on that link, you will be prompted to enter the email address that is associated with your account. When you input your email address, two emails will automatically be sent to that address: the first will have your username and the second will contain a randomly generated password that you will be asked to change when you first access the portal.

If your email address has changed or you do not receive any automatic emails, please contact our PRSS Help Desk at 800.971.7677 or at


How do I get help?
Documentation to help you use the system is available. Please refer to the help guide in the ContentDepot portal. Simply click on the "Help" link from any page in the portal. If you are unable to find the information you need, please contact our PRSS Help Desk at 800.971.7677, or PRSS staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Creating Station-friendly Programs

How can I make my programs station-friendly in the ContentDepot?

  • Keep your air windows and number of segments consistent:
    For file-based programs, make sure you adhere to consistent formats and air windows. For example, if you set the air window for your weekly show to begin on Mondays, keep the begin air date on Monday for every week. Additionally, always keep the number of segments consistent from episode to episode. Stations will automate your episodes based on the number of segments and their associated cut identification numbers (cut ID’s). Cut ID’s are assigned based on the day of the week your air window begins. Once you have established the scheduled air window for your program and the number of segments, you must be consistent in adhering to that schedule. Changing the day of the week on which an episode becomes available will change the cut identification numbers-resulting in significant issues for stations. Changing the number of segments you produce without notifying stations can cause on-air failures. Because of the importance of air window, segment number, and cut identification consistency, if you are considering a change to your normal begin air window schedule or program segmentation, you should contact PRSS at 800.971.7677 to make this change. Your PRSS representative will review this change with you and make sure that stations receive proper notification to process the change. Please allow at least a week for stations to prepare for these adjustments.
  • Upload episode files by the upload guidelines:
    The guideline for uploading your program depends on how often the program is distributed:
    • For a daily program or one-time special: four hours before the air window opens
    • For a weekly program: 11 hours before the air window opens
    • For a monthly program: 14 hours before the air window opens
  • Name your live programs appropriately: For live programs, include the transmission time in your program title. This helps stations know when to expect the transmission when they subscribe (e.g., All Things Considered Hour 1600-1700 ET).


Preparing Files for the ContentDepot

See Encoding Files

Uploading Files to the ContentDepot

I'm having problems uploading episode files. What do I do?

  1. Verify that you are using a ContentDepot-compliant browser and operating system combination, and that your computer settings with regard to pop-ups and cookies are set correctly. We support the latest as well as the previous two versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.
  2.  If you receive an error that a file failed to upload, please check the file and make sure it meets the ContentDepot specifications described under "Encoding Files." You can also get more details about submission errors in the flyover message of the browse field.

Internet Connectivity

Please note that file upload performance is directly related to the robustness and reliability of your Internet connection.  In order to upload files to the ContentDepot, a robust and reliable broadband connection to the Internet is required. At a minimum, cable modem service or DSL should work fine. If you upload frequently, you may want to upgrade to a commercial-grade service. Make sure your Internet Service Provider (ISP) does not impose any file size restrictions for uploads via their service. Broadcast files are uploaded to the ContentDepot portal using secure HTTP.

Other Settings

Be sure JavaScript is enabled while using the ContentDepot. This allows certain functions to work properly.

If you use a pop-up blocker, you will want to allow pop-ups while using the ContentDepot to ensure all information is displayed and all ContentDepot features work properly. All pop-up blockers allow the user to turn off the blocking feature for defined sites. Cookies must be enabled for all features of the PRSS ContentDepot portal to work on your machine. Please refer to the privacy policy posted on for information regarding the use of cookies.

Where do I upload evergreens?

Program producers are encouraged to upload evergreen episodes in the ContentDepot portal. When available, these evergreen episodes will be posted on the main program page. For live programs, you can create a separate, specifically designated evergreen program to upload a file-based evergreen episode. Notify stations when you do so, so they will know to subscribe.

Where do I upload promos?

Pre-recorded promos may be uploaded to the episode page that the promo is promoting. Promos will be delivered to stations upon upload.   However, in order to facilitate station automation of promos, many producers have created separate ON-AIR PROMO program pages to deliver promos as episode segments with unique Cut ID’s.  Promo pages must include “ON-AIR PROMOS” in the program name and stations must subscribe in order to receive them.  Please note that promo segments must be in the appropriate MP2 format to be delivered by the ContentDepot.


Messaging in the ContentDepot

How do I send messages and rundowns (e.g. timings & cues) in the ContentDepot?

Important information regarding the status of your programs, rundowns, and other notifications can be sent to stations via the ContentDepot messaging system. For complete instructions on how to send and receive messages, please refer to the messaging page.

Questions that Stations Might Ask about the ContentDepot

A station did not receive your file-based program, although they subscribed. What happened?

If the station subscribed to your program after the episode's air window began, they did not receive the automated delivery at the beginning of the air window. They will need to download the files manually.

When can stations begin downloading your program?

If you upload your files in advance of the air window, the files will be available for stations based on the following schedule:

  • For a daily program or one-time special: four hours before the air window opens
  • For a weekly program: 11 hours before the air window opens
  • For a monthly program: 14 hours before the air window opens

These times correspond to the producer upload guidelines. Files will be automatically delivered ("pushed") to subscribed stations so they are positioned for air approximately two hours before the start time of your air window.

Other Questions of Interest

How will I know if a station is carrying my program?

The ContentDepot provides a "Program Subscription Report" with information regarding which stations are subscribed to your programs with the intent to air or for audition. When a station subscribes to your program, you also receive a notification in your ContentDepot inbox.  For more information on running these reports, or setting up your messaging preferences, please contact the Help Desk.

How was my storage allocation calculated and what happens if I go over the limit?

Storage is allocated for each distributor based on the number of programs, their frequency (daily, weekly, one-time) and their length. Enough storage is provided in the portal for each producer to maintain approximately three months’ worth of broadcast content and promotional materials at any given time. If you exceed your storage limit, you will not be prevented from adding additional content. However, PRSS staff will be notified when you are close to exceeding your storage allocation and will contact you.

If you like, you can set up your program so that episode content will automatically delete; you can access this feature under Additional Program Information on your program’s page.