ContentDepot: Overview

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What is a Content Exchange?

A Content Exchange is an online forum where members of a public radio community can place and retrieve content for on-air and other uses. A public radio community is a self-identified group of stations, news directors or departments, program directors, content providers, program producers and/or affiliated individuals who share a geographic region or set of topics. Membership in an exchange may be open to all or limited to a defined set of users. Content distributed through exchanges typically includes program elements, news actualities, or localization modules, as opposed to completed programs.

How does a Content Exchange work?

Content Exchange members upload files to their exchange and let other members download them. An exchange is easy to set up and benefits include:

  • Easy uploading/downloading of content
  • No limits on number of users or content uploads/downloads
  • 24/7 customer assistance/support
  • Reports to track content usage
  • No additional hardware, software, or infrastructure required

How does the ContentDepot® facilitate exchanges?

The ContentDepot enables the content from program creators, distributing organizations, and exchanges to co-exist—providing a powerful research tool for public radio assets. Links from the ContentDepot direct users to individual producer, program distributor, and exchange sites, where additional information or value-added services can be located. Content Exchange material can be sent to stations via satellite or the Internet.

Who can use this service?

Any public radio program distributor or entity can use the ContentDepot to set up a content exchange. The ContentDepot offers a unified access point for all content, including centralized search and content retrieval.

For more information about Content Exchanges, please contact the PRSS at 202.513.2681 or via email at