Update on the NPR Newsmagazine clocks

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After months of consultation with stations, drafts of the NPR news-magazine clocks are scheduled to be released on Wednesday, June 25. NPR will hold a webinar on June 25th from 2:00 pm ET to 4:00 pm ET to walk through the revised clocks and answer questions. For more information, please view the AREPS message below.

Dear station colleagues:

Next Wednesday, June 25th, we plan to share drafts of the new NPR newsmagazine clocks.

As you know from our discussions during the multi-month process, we’ve been exploring a number of changes. Our goal is to give NPR and Member Stations new flexibility to meet local audience needs, while ensuring that Morning Edition and All Things Considered remain vibrant national programs that can continue to fuel the public radio economy.

Please join us for a webinar on June 25th from 2 to 4 pm EDT to walk through the revised clocks, take a closer look at the proposed changes, and answer your questions. This webinar is for general managers, program directors, news directors, local hosts and any others who want to know about the clock changes.

Webinar registration link:
On the morning of June 25th, in advance of the webinar, we will post the clocks to NPRstations.org and provide information on the changes. We hope you will be able to review this material before the webinar.

We’ll post additional resources, including an FAQ and audio prototypes, to NPRstations.org after the webinar.

Station staff who do not have logins to the NPRstations site should register in advance. (And if you need a registration for Engage.npr.org, please email programservices@npr.org)

We’ll also hold two follow-up Q&A sessions: Thursday, June 26th, from 2 to 3 pm EDT, and Friday, June 27th, from 9:30 to 10:30 am EDT. We will provide more details during the webinar.  

It’s important to note that the clocks are not final. During the webinar we’ll explain how you can provide feedback.

Looking ahead, we believe we are still on track to launch the new clocks in the fall, with careful attention to station fundraising periods. This schedule should allow us enough time to gather feedback, make any necessary adjustments and provide time to plan for both the technical and programmatic changes.

Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you next week. In the meantime, please feel free to contact your Member Partnership colleagues at programservices@npr.org or 800.329.5380 ext. 2830 with any questions you have.


All the best,

Kinsey and Margaret



Posted: June 18, 2014