Status of Software Patch for SFX 4104s

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The PRSS is working with hardware manufacturer IDC to develop and deploy a software patch for the new SFX 4104 receivers.

We are in the process of identifying any and all issues that have arisen with the receivers, including the reported occurrences of the units  experiencing an audio stutter at approximately one to two minutes after midnight ET. Once we have developed a fix for these issues, we will notify all interconnected stations and provide a deployment date when the fix will be sent to all of the new receivers.

The adoption phase will continue through that deployment AND for at least two weeks (14 calendar days) after that deployment date. This is to enable all stations ample time to ensure the fix is successful and to allow stations that have not transitioned to the new receivers to do so.

At the conclusion of this two-week extension of the adoption phase, the PRSS will officially cease all delivery of automated tuning commands to the legacy SR2000pros.

Please be aware that in order to download the software patch, stations must have the new receivers connected to their satellite downlinks. If the receivers are not connected, the fix will not be received or implemented until a connection to the satellite is made, at which point the download will occur automatically.

In the meantime, please continue to contact the PRSS Help Desk at or via telephone at 800.971.7677 with any questions, comments or issues you have. Many of the fixes and improvements.


Posted October 3, 2012