Solar Outages Affecting Delivery of File Programs

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The current solar outage period is affecting some file programs delivered to the system between 13:30 – 14:15 ET. Different programs are affected at different stations at different times; not all stations will be affected.
The primary symptom of this issue is that  some files delivered in during the 13:30 – 14:15 ET window aren't completely processed because they're missing data that is lost when the satellite receiver temporarily succumbs to solar interference. The built-in forward error correction (FEC )on the file-delivery system isn't sufficient to recover the lost data. This problem is exacerbated by the file-delivery system temporarily not sending "carousel" files containing recovery data to fix the partial files in satellite receivers. File carousels were turned off late in 2012 to mitigate an issue with updated files not being properly replaced in receivers. The file carousels will be restored in a future ContentDepot upgrade.
If a file is incomplete in a receiver, your playback/automation system may not ingest it all; if it does ingest an incomplete file, it may not play properly.
We encourage you to carefully check your receiver and your playback system for files sent between 13:30 and 14:30 ET during the solar outage period. If you're missing files, you can request another delivery from the ContentDepot portal or manually download replacement files from the portal.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the PRSS Help Desk at or call 800.971.7677.


Posted March 5, 2013