Satellite Trust Prepares for Trustee Vote

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General Managers of PRSS participating-interconnected stations are asked to vote in an election for a new trustee of The Public Radio Satellite Interconnection System Charitable Trust. Trustee Phil Rubin is retiring, and trustees Sharon Maeda and Pete Loewenstein are seeking a successor trustee. GMs will receive an online ballot asking them to approve the Trust’s nomination of Station Resource Group (SRG) co-founder Terry Clifford to serve as the third trustee. The Trust’s governing agreement requires more than 50% of participating-interconnected stations to cast a ballot in favor of a nominee to appoint the nominee as a trustee. The electronic balloting will begin on Friday, May 22 and will end on Friday, June 5. The Trust owns the PRSS’s satellite leases and network-operating equipment, which NPR manages on behalf all users under a long-term agreement between the Trust and NPR. The Trust also holds and oversees a fund that helps maintain the PRSS. PRSS participating-interconnected stations are the beneficiaries of the Trust.

Posted: May 19, 2020