PRSS Update on IDC SFX 4104 Pro Audio Receivers

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We want to thank all stations that have contacted us via the PRSS Help Desk regarding your experiences with the IDC SFX 4104 Pro Audio receivers. Your feedback has helped us identify a significant operational issue - sporadic audio drop-outs and/or garbled audio output.

On Wednesday, May 23, I spoke directly with top management of International Datacasting Corp. (IDC), the manufacturer of the new satellite receivers, to highlight our concerns. I was advised that IDC has isolated the problem within a portion of its software and that its developers are working continuously to create a fix. IDC is fully aware of the severity of the situation, considers this its top priority, and is committed to achieving a successful resolution as quickly as possible. We will keep you apprised of progress toward resolving this issue.

Until we advise you that the problem with the new receivers has been corrected, we recommend that you rely on your legacy SR2000pro receivers for on-air operations.

Meanwhile, you should continue to exercise the new receivers off-line, to become familiar with their operation and to monitor their performance. If you experience audio issues with your new receivers, please reboot the unit to clear the audio channel. Then, contact the PRSS Help Desk so that we can document your specific receiver problem and share the information with IDC. The progress we have made thus far toward resolving this issue is largely due to the communications we've received at the Help Desk. For this and any other issues or questions, please call or e-mail the Help Desk at 800.971.7677 or

Thank you for your help in making improvements to the PRSS.

With my best regards,

Pete Loewenstein


Posted May 24, 2012