PRSS Strengthens Password Security Measures in ContentDepot

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The PRSS has deployed an upgrade to ContentDepot that enhances security measures in the portal by adopting a new protocol for log-in passwords. This new password system is inspired by the desire for tighter security for ContentDepot users as well as the result of PRSS administrators observing a number of inactive users in the portal.

ContentDepot users will now be required to change passwords on a 90-day basis, and the portal will provide a 14-day advanced notice prior to a password-reset deadline. Also, when a password is changed or a new password is created, the new password must be at least 12 characters and include at least one number and one special character (i.e. !, $, %, &).

New users being created for the first time or any current users changing their existing passwords must adhere to the new password requirements now. All other current users will receive a notice in the coming weeks directing them to select a new password following the protocols listed above. This will take place on a staggered schedule, so all users will not be forced to change passwords at the same time.

** If you have forgotten your old password, please click on the link ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link. You will be instructed to type in the email address associated with your ContentDepot account, and a new password will be emailed to you. You may then log into ContentDepot and select a new password following the protocol outlined above. **

The PRSS Help Desk is available for any questions, comments or concerns at or via telephone at 800.971.7677.

Posted: September 4, 2014