PRSS Response to 0400 ET Audio Interruptions This Morning

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The PRSS NOC has received reports that some interconnected stations experienced interruptions to their satellite programming feeds at the start of the 0400 ET hour this morning. The interruptions –  which occurred while our engineering staff were switching from our backup to our primary satellite transmit dish, after installing deicers on our primary dish –  were the result of a failure of our network switching equipment.

At 03:59:14 ET, we were switching back to our primary dish when several incorrect faults and failures resulted in loss of the detune commands for the 0300 ET hour and loss of the retune commands for the 0400 hour. The audio for the 0400 ET programs returned at 04:00:07 ET. Stations taking the same programming during the 0300 and 0400 hours should have only experienced the seven second audio loss. Stations switching to a new program at 0400 ET had no audio until 0403 ET.

We are thoroughly reviewing our switching equipment and procedures and will put in place corrective measures to prevent this from occurring again. We are very sorry for the audio interruption and any inconvenience it caused for stations.

If you have any additional questions or comments, you may contact the PRSS Help Desk at 800.971.7677 or

Posted: June 13, 2014