PRSS Reminder on Upcoming WebDACs Shutdown

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This is a reminder that the PRSS is continuing with its announced plan to shut down the WebDACs system on Wednesday, June 24, 2015.

The PRSS has made many improvements to ContentDepot’s messaging and archive system to provide users with a superior and sustainable replacement to WebDACs.

Among the new features is PubLive, which features all messages sent in the previous 24 hours. PubLive auto-refreshes itself several times per minute and is intended as a tool stations can leave up and running to receive notifications and rundowns as soon as they are sent out. In addition, messages in the main archive will be stored for 120 days and will be fully searchable.

Users should also note that ContentDepot messaging can be customized to send the messages to wherever you want. For example, you can have messages sent to a Gmail account that is hosted on a PC that’s accessible to all staff. To check or modify your message preferences:

  • Log into ContentDepot
  • From the ‘Mail’ pull-down menu, select ‘Mail Forwarding’
  • Choose which types of messages you wish to receive.
  • Choose how you wish to receive them.

Each user can opt in for up to three email accounts and two text accounts. Users can also sign up non-users of ContentDepot to receive messages under their accounts as well. Recipients can choose as many or as few message types as they want to receive. They can always revise what they are receiving if they find they are getting too many or not the appropriate messages.

Anyone who is having difficulty creating a message system that works for their operation should feel free to get in touch with PRSS Account Representative Renee Southworth who would be happy to help. She can be reached at (202) 513-2642 or by email at

The past two editions of the PRSS newsletter, EsPRSSo, have carried features on the WebDACs shutdown, including tips and guidance that were created in response to feedback we received from the system. They are accessible at the links below:

April 2015:  

May 2015:  

The PRSS continues to welcome users’ thoughts, questions and suggestions on how to ensure the shutdown of Web DACs will not overly impact operations. You can reach the PRSS Help Desk at or 800.971.7677.



Posted: June 17, 2015