PRSS Releases Further Details on 6dB Boost Takeaway

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The PRSS plans to eliminate a 6 decibel (dB) boost at 1:59:10 PM ET on Thursday, February 26, 2015. This message is intended to provide additional details to the system, including the precise time that we will physically perform this action (1:59:10 PM ET on Thursday, February 26, 2015) and to provide insight as to why this time was chosen.

As reported, the PRSS added the 6dB boost to analog and digital outputs in 2013, and the removal of the boost has different implications for stations depending on how they use their IDC SFX 4104 Pro Audio receivers' analog, AES and Livewire ports. When the PRSS removes the 6dB boost, stations will have to manually adjust their receivers' livewire port to compensate for the decibel takeaway. Most stations using the receivers' AES and/or analog ports will be able to compensate externally for the level change. An illustrated guide for manually adjusting an SFX 4104 Pro Audio receivers' Livewire port can be found on the PRSS website at (Click the top link titled "Resetting the Livewire attenuation in an SFX 4104 Receiver").

The PRSS plans to establish a test stream at the new, boost-less level with a single 24-hour program in the ContentDepot portal. This program would consist of alternating tone at the new level and typical program material at the new level. Any station could subscribe to this transmission using the Join/Leave in Progress [JLIP] process to send the test material to any receiver output port for comparison and determining new preset levels so that the actual change will be a known quantity when it eventually comes.

The switch will not be instant, but may take several seconds to complete over all streams. For this reason, the 1:59:10 time was chosen because it’s the last minute before the top of the hour, during which channel switching occurs and which we normally use for network-related changes. This time also appeared viable because most stations with an on-staff engineering presence will have someone present to make adjustments as necessary and those without an on-site engineer can arrange to have someone there during normal business hours. This time also avoids the two main "drive time" news magazines, and there are no live with subsequent file programs beginning at that time.

The PRSS is committed to ensuring that all stations are prepared for this action, and the PRSS Help Desk will be briefed to handle questions about the 6dB action. You can reach the Help Desk at or call 800.971.7677.



Posted: February 18, 2015