PRSS to Offer Internet Streams In Event of Solar Disruptions

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The PRSS is monitoring reports that a series of geomagnetic (solar) storms may occur beginning today (Sept. 12) and lasting through the weekend. We do not expect that these storms will affect stations’ broadcast operations, but to alleviate any concerns, the PRSS NOC has made available these shows on Internet streams for those stations experiencing disruptions. The links went live at 12:00 ET, Friday, September 12, and will be active through Monday, September 15.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the PRSS Help Desk at 800.971.7677 or

You can launch the following URLs in your chosen media player (Windows Media Player, VLC, etc.) to listen as indicated.

URL                                                                                                           Audio          NPR Stream 01

-    NPR’s Here & Now
-    All Things Considered
-    Weekend Edition Saturday & Sunday
-    All Things Considered Saturday and Sunday
-    Morning Edition          NPR Stream 02

-    NPR Newscasts Hourly 24/7           NPR Stream 03

-    PRI Science Friday
-    KCRW’s “Left, Right and Center”
-    Only A Game
-    Democracy Now           NPR Stream 04

-    The Takeaway Hour 1200
-    National Native News/Native America Calling
-    As It Happens from the CBC
-    People’s Pharmacy
-    The Takeaway Hour 0900
-    The Diane Rehm Show           NPR Stream 05

-    Q with Jian Ghomeshi
-    Capital Report
-    “Le Show” with Harry Shearer from WWNO           NPR Stream 07

-    NPR Breaking News           NPR Stream 08

-    Classical 24           NPR Stream 09

-    Fresh Air
-    California Report Magazine
-    A Prairie Home Companion
-    California Report Morning
-    On Point           NPR Stream 10

-    Marketplace I-III
-    This American Life
-    Michael Feldman’s Whad ‘Ya Know?
-    Sedge Thompson’s West Coast Live
-    Marketplace Morning Report I-VII           NPR Stream 11

-    Radio Bilingue           NPR Stream 15

-    To The Point
-    PRI’s The World           NPR Stream 16

-    BBC (APM) World Service           NPR Stream 17

-    PubJazz1           NPR Stream 19

-    XPoNential Radio           NPR Stream 22

-    NPR Squawk Channel


Posted: September 12, 2014