PRSS Issues Software Upgrade For All SFX 4104 Pro Audio Receivers

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The PRSS, in cooperation with IDC, has developed and tested a software patch for all interconnected stations’ IDX SFX 4104 Pro Audio receivers. The patch is intended to fix an issue loosely related to uptime that causes some 4104 receivers to experience up-cut audio, late or slow responses to head-end trigger activation commands, and/or occasional stuttering or intermittent audio decoding.

** All stations are required to implement this patch – even those that are not yet currently experiencing any audio or other technical issues with their receivers. **

The PRSS will make the software patch available at an FTP server for at least one month for stations to download at their leisure. This is a key point because the receiver will reboot itself once the upgrade is implemented, so stations should perform the download at a time that is convenient so that the reboot does not interfere with any broadcast operations.

Important note – On Sunday, August 16, 2015, the PRSS will issue a force command for all receivers that have not yet downloaded and integrated the patch. This process will result in the receiver rebooting itself. For this reason, we strongly urge stations to download the patch before Sunday, August 16, 2015, so that they can do it at a time that is convenient and unobtrusive.

The software patch is available at the following FTP site:

Username: idc-code
Password: prss4idc

The upgrade file is titled: Upgrade_DA1430.idc

Important: You must download the upgrade file to a computer that your 4104 receivers can “see”, i.e. a computer that is attached to your station network.

Once you have downloaded the files to a computer that is connected to your receivers, please follow the these instructions:
1)    Open the GUI on your 4104 receiver.
2)    Select ‘Upgrade’, which can be found in the Main Menu along the top of the receiver GUI
3)    Click the ‘Browse’ button, navigate to wherever you’ve downloaded and placed the file, and double-click on the file.
4)    Click ‘Send Upgrade’ and wait for the unit to reboot itself.

After the receiver reboots, you can verify that the upgrade occurred. Simply click the ‘Identity’ tab and verify that under the DAS: list you see 1430 along with 911, 928 and 1401 (the order in which they are listed does not matter).

We’re confident that the software patch will clear up the issues with the 4104 receivers. We regret any inconvenience this poses to your broadcast operations, and again, we strongly recommend you use the month-long window before August 16 to download the patch at a time that is convenient for your stations.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the PRSS Help Desk by telephone at 800.971.7677, or via email:



Posted: July 10, 2015