PRSS Help Desk is Key Resource During PRSS Forward Adoption Phase

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The Adoption Phase of the PRSS Forward initiative continues, and we appreciate those stations that have contacted the PRSS Help Desk with their questions and feedback on the IDC SFX 4104 Pro Audio receivers.
During this transition period, it is crucial that stations connect the new receivers to their on-air operations and provide feedback to us about how they are working. The PRSS will  then have the opportunity to address any questions or issues well before the Adoption Phase ends and the automated transmission functions of the legacy SR2000pros are turned off later this year (you’ll still be able to manually tune the SR2000s for use in an emergency).
As a result of your feedback, we’re working to resolve an issue involving the live stream audio outputs of the SFX 4104s, which affects a small number of receivers shipped to interconnected stations. The following has been reported:

  • A stream will tune properly, but there will be no audio on the output. This happens with either the analog/AES outputs or the Livewire outputs.
  • A stream will tune properly, but the audio will stutter and be interrupted, with gaps of several seconds. When this occurs, the audio may come clear after a few minutes or it may disappear completely.

If either of these situations arises at your station, please reboot the receiver in order to clear the audio channel.
We are working closely with IDC to resolve this issue. IDC has been able to reproduce the problem in its lab and is working on a solution that may require a firmware upgrade that would be automatically delivered via satellite to all receivers.
In the meantime, we again urge all stations to connect the new units to their on-air operations immediately and send us their feedback. We continue to track all issues via the PRSS Help Desk and will follow up with all stations reporting problems. Please continue sending your comments, questions and feedback to the PRSS Help Desk at or 800.971.7677.


Posted May 7, 2012