PRSS has Shut Down WebDACs

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The PRSS has shut down WebDACs. All functionality that WebDACs provided, and more, is available in ContentDepot.

Details on why the PRSS took this action and how ContentDepot messaging provides a superior alternative can be found in the April 2015 edition of EsPRSSo, available here.

Please be aware that the PRSS has introduced a feature to ContentDepot called PubLive, which provides the same information that WebDACs does but in a real-time, easy to use format. PubLive features all ContentDepot messages from the previous 24 hours and auto-refreshes itself every 30 seconds. This feature is intended as a tool that stations can leave up and running to receive notifications and rundowns as soon as they are sent out.

In addition, messages in the main ContentDepot messaging archive, PubArchive, are stored for 120 days and are fully searchable.

Please also be aware that ContentDepot messaging can be customized to send the messages you need to wherever you want. For example, you can have messages sent to a Gmail account that is hosted on a PC that’s accessible to all staff.

Each ContentDepot user can opt in for up to three email accounts and two text accounts, and users can sign up non-users of ContentDepot to receive messages as well. Users can always revise who is receiving messages or what they are receiving if they find they are getting too many or not the appropriate messages.

To check or modify your message preferences:

  • Log into ContentDepot
  • From the ‘Mail’ pull-down menu, select ‘Mail Forwarding’
  • At the top, add any email addresses or mobile phone numbers to which you wish messages sent
  • Choose which types of messages you wish to receive.
  • Click on ‘Save Changes’ if you are satisfied with your preferences.

Anyone who is having difficulty creating a message system that works for their operation should  contact the PRSS Help Desk at or 800.971.7677.


Posted: June 23, 2015