PRSS Forward Adoption Phase Extended One Week

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The PRSS has extended by one week the end of the PRSS Forward adoption phase for the new IDC SFX 4104 Pro Audio receivers, pushing the transition deadline to 12:10 pm ET on Sept. 13, 2012. This extension will allow manufacturer IDC more time to develop a solution to the reported occurrences of receivers experiencing an audio “stutter” at approximately one to two minutes after midnight ET.
The fix, once finalized, will require the downloading of a software patch to all receivers in the system.  The PRSS has not yet confirmed when this will occur, but regardless of when the fix is deployed, stations must have the new 4104 receivers connected to their satellite downlinks to receive it. If the receivers are not connected, the software patch will not be received or implemented until a connection to the satellite is made, at which point the download will occur automatically.
Stations experiencing the audio “stutter” may opt to use their legacy SR2000pros as their production stream receivers until the software patch is delivered to their SFX 4104s. However, once the patch is downloaded and implemented, stations are strongly urged to transition to the new receivers immediately. Waiting to make the switch on the morning of Sept. 13 could be problematic for your station should any last-minute technical issues arise, and you will also not receive the software patch if the receivers are not connected.
Please remember that when the adoption phase ends on Sept. 13, the PRSS will officially cease all delivering of automated tuning commands to SR2000pros. Once the legacy transmission system is shut down, stations may use their SR2000pros as hot-emergency back-ups and manually tune them to program streams, if necessary.
The PRSS will immediately communicate the deployment date of the IDC fix once we have confirmed it. In the meantime, please continue to contact the PRSS Help Desk at or via telephone at 800.971.7677 with any questions, comments or issues you have. Many of the fixes and improvements made to the new receivers have come as a result of station communications received at the Help Desk. We’ve made numerous technical guides and documents for the SFX 4104s available here, and we continue to update the list of frequently asked questions here.


Posted August 30, 2012