Please Familiarize Yourself with ContentDepot Message Types

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The PRSS would like to remind stations of the following rules and guidelines with ContentDepot messaging:

1)    Stations must be subscribed to a program in order to receive messages specific to the show. If you are not subscribed to a given program, you will not be forwarded messages that could be very important to the broadcast.

2)    Even if a station *is* subscribed to a particular show, users must go to the ‘Mail Forwarding’ page in ContentDepot (if logged into ContentDepot, click here:!userProfile/subview=mailForwarding ) and set their preferences for how and where the messages will be received. We recommend all users go to their Mail Forwarding page and confirm their preferences are set the way they want them.

3)    Please be aware that ContentDepot now has a Mail Archive, where you can see copies of past messages. Logged-in users can access it here:!messaging/subview=archive/pageSize=25  

You can find the official ContentDepot ‘Message Types’ guide here, which details the various types of messages that ContentDepot users may see. Stations and producers should review this guide carefully before sending any messages to the system.  

The PRSS Help Desk is always available for your questions or comments at or call 800.971.7677.


Posted: November 3, 2014