Patch for SFX 4104 Receivers Deployed on October 14

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The PRSS has deployed a software patch to all SFX 4104 Pro Audio receivers. Developed by receiver manufacturer IDC, the patch addresses reported occurrences of an audio “stutter” with the receivers. The fix was tested thoroughly on in-house receivers, and PRSS engineers concluded that it eliminates the stutter.  

We now will extend the adoption phase for transitioning to the new units to Wednesday, Nov. 7, to give stations sufficient time to make the switch. We had originally stated that the adoption phase would be extended two weeks after the software patch deployment. However, in light of the Nov. 6 elections, we felt it would be beneficial to wait until after these passed before ending the adoption phase. Therefore, the PRSS will officially cease all delivery of automated tuning commands to the legacy SR2000pros on Wednesday, Nov. 7. Of course, this date is subject to change should any new technical issues arise.  

Please be aware that in order to download the software patch, stations must have their SFX 4104 receivers connected to their satellite downlinks. If the receivers are not connected, the fix will not be received or implemented until a connection to the satellite is made, at which point the download will occur automatically. Upon completion of the download, the receivers will reboot themselves.  

Please continue to contact the PRSS Help Desk at or via telephone at 800.971.7677 with any questions, comments or issues you have. Many of the fixes and improvements made to the new receivers have come as a result of station communications received at the Help Desk. We’ve made numerous technical guides and documents for the SFX 4104s available here.


Posted October 10, 2012