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The PRSS Network Operations Center (NOC) will be moving to the new NPR headquarters building in Washington, D.C., on Monday, April 1, 2013.
Stations and producers should be aware of the following technical changes that will occur as result of the NOC moving to 1111 North Capitol Street, NE:
1.)   ContentDepot IP Address Change: At 12:30:00 ET on Monday, April 1, the ContentDepot portal will be taken offline, temporarily, in order to change the portal’s IP address to the new location on North Capitol Street. The URL for the portal will continue to be However, because it can take up to 24 hours for an IP address change to make its way across the Internet, you may temporarily encounter an error page. If this should happen, please connect to the portal by temporarily pointing your Web browser to:
If you are still unable to connect to the ContentDepot portal, please call the PRSS Help Desk at or via telephone at 800.971.7677.
Should the NOC be forced to abort the IP address change, please use the IP address for the old NOC at 635 Massachusetts Avenue:

For reference:
PRSS homepage, URL remains the same:
ContentDepot Portal, URL also remains the same –
New ContentDepot IP address as of 12:30:00 ET on April 1 –
Fall back IP address  (old NOC at 635 Massachusetts Ave.) –

2.)   File Delivery Switchover: At 12:30:00 ET, the ContentDepot file delivery system and ContentDepot messaging will go offline temporarily as these functions will be transferred to the new NOC. It is estimated that this process will take approximately 15 minutes. Any file deliveries from the ContentDepot that are scheduled to take place during this process will occur as normal.
Please note: Due to the high volume of work being conducted in this process, we are asking that no files be uploaded between the hours of 11:00:00 ET and 14:00:00 ET on Monday, April 1. Producers who would normally upload content files for delivery between 11:00:00 ET and 14:00:00 ET must load files prior to 11:00:00 ET or after 14:00:00 ET on Monday, April 1. If you are unable to do so, please contact the NOC to coordinate.

3.)   Live Program Stream Switchover: At 12:59:10 ET, the ContentDepot live streams satellite uplink will make the switch from the “old” uplink at 635 Massachusetts Avenue to the new uplink on North Capitol Street. This switch may cause an outage that should only last for a moment or two, and the PRSS will send out a message to the system once the switch has been made. Our experiences with similar switches during drills between the NOC and the BuNOC have shown us that the SFX 4104 receivers are very robust in handling this short interruption of the carrier.
Please note: If you are using the older SR2000pro stream decoders in the “fixed-tuned” mode, please be aware that they may lose lock on the satellite carrier once it is switched to the new NOC. Stations that experience this problem will need to reset their decoder's LNB offset. Given the tight timing of the streaming carrier switchover, stations are strongly advised to have these instructions for resetting the LNB offset ready and available in the off-chance that a reset of the decoder becomes necessary. Instructions for performing this task can be found at   

4.)   FTP-Only Stations: Stations that rely exclusively on FTP deliveries should be sure to remain vigilant in confirming the arrival of any files normally expected to be delivered at this time and to double-check potential delivery problems on their end. The PRSS FTP server will change on April 1, and it is possible that stations may have local firewall rules that will block unknown FTP connections. Please be aware that your station’s network must be set to accept FTP connections from the new IP address
ContentDepot Messaging will be available during the switchover, EXCEPT during the times when the portal is off-line, as indicated above. During those times, any emergency messaging that would be required will be done via the ContentDepotEA LISTSERV. The NOC will use ContentDepot to communicate with the system if there is urgent programming or system news.
Again, the PRSS Help Desk will, as always, be staffed with technicians who can assist you or answer any of your questions. You can reach the Help Desk at or via telephone at 800.971.7677.

Posted March 26, 2013