New Public Radio Alliance Forms to Celebrate Music & Musicians

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On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, the noncomMUSIC Alliance launched with 81 inaugural public radio station Partners to support and celebrate public radio’s role in connecting musicians, performers, and artists with the audiences who enjoy and support their music.

Stations joining the launch represent the major music formats of jazz, classical and AAA and come from all geographic corners of the public radio music world. Through music discovery, curation, preservation and performance, noncomMUSIC Alliance partner stations provide unique educational and cultural benefits that enrich local communities and the music industry at large.

Participation is open to all stations and all music formats, and there is no cost to join. The Alliance is dedicated to boosting awareness of noncommercial public radio.

The Alliance stems from recent efforts by public radio leaders to bring a sharper understanding of public radio music to policy makers. Creation of the Alliance is a much-needed effort to organize public radio music stations and supporters; to promote the unique contributions of our non-profit/noncommercial sector to the music industry; and to identify and address the policy issues that matter to us. The Alliance’s formation marks a new effort by public radio to improve its service to musicians, performers and audiences.

To learn more and become a partner of the Alliance, visit

Posted: May 15, 2018