New ContentDepot Features to be Rolled Out

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PRSS stations and producers will see substantial changes to ContentDepot after this Sunday’s software upgrade.

A new System Schedule home page, officially called the PRSSchedule, will be available to users. The PRSSchedule shows all live shows going out via satellite and which stream number each is on.

Users will have the option to toggle between the standard ‘My Programs’ view and the PRSSchedule via tabs in the upper right-hand corner of ContentDepot, depending on what they prefer. Stations and producing stations now have the option to make the PRSSchedule their default ContentDepot home page. In April, the PRSS will roll out an upgrade that makes this option available to producers.

One other change to ContentDepot will be made on Sunday. Following the software upgrade, stations will no longer be able to set or revise their “Name/Call Letters” in ContentDepot. Instead, the PRSS will perform this function. The reason for this is the importance of a consistent naming scheme across the entire PRSS customer base. Users can still edit and update the field “Preferred Organization Name” to reflect their identity or branding.

Finally, as a further protection against an unintended action that would dramatically affect station broadcasts, producers will no longer be able to cancel programs if future episodes are loaded into the ContentDepot.

An article on the ContentDepot improvements was published in the January edition of EsPRSSo. This can be viewed online at:

These changes have been made with the goal of improving the overall efficiency and usefulness of ContentDepot.

If you have any questions, comments or requests, the PRSS Help Desk can be reached at or call 800.971.7677.


Posted: February 19, 2016