Firefox Users May Be Prompted to Accept Security Exception When Implementing 4104 Patch

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Please be aware that if you or your station is using the Firefox web browser while loading the new software patch (details below) into your IDC SFX 4104 Pro Audio receivers, you may receive a pop-up window asking to confirm a Security Exception. This is a standard procedure, and you should feel confident that the FTP client and thin client application are secure and will not pose a threat to your network.

All users should be able to simply 'accept' the Security Exception and proceed with the process. If you encounter additional obstacles or problems, please contact the PRSS Help Desk by telephone at 800.971.7677, or via email:

Please be aware that all stations are strongly encouraged to download and implement the software patch before Sunday, April 27, when then the PRSS will issue a force command for all receivers that have not yet downloaded it -- a process that will result in the receiver rebooting itself. Additional details and instructions are available here.


Posted: March 28, 2014