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That! Medical Quiz Show
David A Gold President/EP/Co-founder  That! Medical Quiz Show

What can you tell me about the show?
That! Medical Quiz Show is a play-along medical quiz game show that currently airs on public radio that has contestants being asked medical questions and challenged against each other to see if they know the answers.

Can you give me an example of a question?
We keep our public radio audience in mind, but there’s levity in our show. From how long does gum stay in your stomach to more edgy thing issues and questions. We strive to create medical water cooler talk.

How old is the show?
January 2012 was when we got the show up, running, and piloted, and we have been on air since September 2012.

Where is it recorded?
In Bryant, Arkansas, at Vibe Unlimited Studios. That’s where we’ve done most of our recordings. We also do it in Little Rock, Arkansas, on occasion. Going forward, we plan to take the game on the road as things keep growing. That’s the plan and the response we’ve gotten has been very positive. People like to play along and want to check it out.

Why do people like it?
It’s quirky, it’s fun, it helps engage conversation about medical topics. Medicine is in the news so often, and a lot of times when you’re watching a program, someone is calling in and just talking about their own personal health problems. But with our format, we’re having the doctor ask the questions to contestants.
Some are multiple choice questions, true/false questions, there’s a feature we call “Doctor Vs. Quack.” It gets people talking and playing along with each other. We’re keeping our public radio audience in mind though, so it has substantive medical information along with some levity and a fun game show format.

How did it come about?
I was at a barbeque talking about various medical subjects with a friend of mine who is a 25-year neurosurgeon. He’s one of those guys who is informed on so many subjects beyond neurosurgery, like history and Corvettes, for example. Plus, he has experience in the radio business, and he’s got a fantastic voice. He’s just willing to talk about everything.
So we were talking, and I let him know that he should do something with his voice on radio besides a weekly segment for the university where he teaches. So we got to thinking and came up with That! Medical Quiz Show.
So I’m serving as the president and executive producer and more involved in getting the word out, getting contestants, structuring the show, while he serves as the host and provides so much intellectual and physical energy to the project. So we took our idea, pushed forward and put together a show.
We approached the local NPR station, KUAR (98.1 FM) in Little Rock, Ark., an NPR affiliate station, and they said they’d give it a shot. Then another station, WRFA (107.9 FM) in Jamestown, N.Y., who had sampled it through the PRSS, were interested. We’re also on the American Forces Network, which reaches soldiers and their families around the world.

Photo of Dr. T. Glenn PaitTalk a little about Dr. T. Glenn Pait.
He’s been involved since day 1. He and I came together, we crafted it, we bantered ideas, and discussed our roles. This show would not be possible without him.

Approximately how many stations are taking it?
Through the PRSS system, we’re on three different stations in New York, Arkansas and California – and the California station rebroadcasts it. We’re also on a few syndication stations that have picked us up. We’re just getting started with some others too. We also stream on SoundCloud. It’s growing well and that’s the direction we’re going. We’re so excited to put our content out there and get more people playing.

Plans for the future?
We want to take it on the road. We’re in development of doing a live version of the show. We have a lot of video content that we’ll be soon deploying. The live show just kind of evolved. We record out of a studio, and we have friends of contestants come to watch. It’s an enjoyable experience.
So the market is asking us to do a live show and from my end, I see it as an added value to get additional NPR affiliate stations interested. We’ll go to the stations and do the show there. That’s added value to the area, to the station, and to the listeners; we want to be interactive. We believe there’s a little bit of doctor in all of us.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I would love for stations to check out our content. Sample the show and ask yourself: did you just listen or did you play along with it? Did it resonate with you or anyone you know? I think the show engages listeners because medicine is in all of our minds and it affects all of our lives. We know our audience is public radio and as listeners of public radio ourselves, we write the questions so that it gets people excited to play along. All NPR stations are trying to get a more interactive listener base all the time, and we provide that.



Posted: March 27, 2014