Daylight-Saving Time Transition: Fall 2012

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The transition from daylight-saving time (DST) to standard time in the U.S. will occur on Sunday, November 4, 2012. The following are technical and operational notes about handling the transition to standard time.
Each DST-ST transition has two components:

  • The time change in your local computers
  • Operational considerations


DST and Your Local Computers
The ContentDepot operates in coordinated universal time or UTC, which is an absolute standard that does not adjust for DST or "summer time."  Likewise, the ContentDepot delivers UTC data via Network Time Protocol (NTP) on the satellite channels. Any time zone or DST offsets are applied at end devices - typically production computers or time-of-day displays synchronized via NTP.
This makes the ContentDepot transition to standard time very straightforward:
If your local computers have been updated with the latest DST patches, they will step back one hour at 02:00:00 on Nov. 4, and all operations will be fine (check with your automation/playback system vendor to see if you need to do any special maintenance or procedures to accommodate this transition).
Neither PRSS nor International Datacasting Corportation (IDC) issued software updates for the IDC SR2000pro stream decoders and SFX 2100 storage receivers to accommodate the "new" DST transition dates. The receivers operate in UTC (synchronized via NTP) and the only operational function affected by DST offset is the automated deletion of files based on their kill dates (an hour earlier for one week won't make any difference in local operation).

Operational Considerations
If you use ContentDepot stream programs overnight on Saturdays (including early Sunday morning):

  • Each producer will generate an extra live program hour to fill the 01:00 EST hour. You do not have to subscribe to this hour; if you are subscribed to a program that starts at 01:00 EDT, you will get the 01:00 EST program automatically.
  • Program cueing will operate normally in the 01:00 EDT hour and in the 01:00 EST hour for all live programs.
  • The NPR Breaking News transmission has been extended to be 25 hours long.

If you play ContentDepot file programs overnight, check your program's portal page. In some cases, the producer has generated a special "extra" hour of their program and uploaded it into the "evergreen" slot. Watch for messages from your program producer(s) for more information.

What Else Do You Need to Do?
The most important action you can take is make sure that your local production systems (including time-of-day displays) have the latest updates so that they'll properly step back on Nov. 4. You should also check with your automation/playback system vendor to see if there are any special scheduling considerations for your particular installation.
If you require additional assistance, the PRSS Help Desk is available by telephone at 800.971.7677, or via email:


Posted October 31, 2012