ContentDepot Now Provides Loudness Measurements on Live Programs

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The PRSS has introduced a new feature to ContentDepot that allows producers of live shows to view the loudness measurements of their programs. This new capability, which was introduced last month, provides the loudness data only to the producer(s) of the program being analyzed.

Since early 2015, producers of file-based programs have been able to view loudness data on their ContentDepot program pages. In October 2015, the PRSS began internally gathering and examining live loudness data. Now live producers have the same ability to see the measurements, expressed in Loudness Units Full Scale (LUFS). The data is listed on a show’s program page in ContentDepot.

The PRSS Audio Loudness Standard, which was released in December 2014, has been set at -24 LUFS, ± 2 LU, audio peaks = -3 dBFS for sample peaks or = -2 dBTP for True Peaks, meaning producers should strive to set their programs’ audio levels at -24 Loudness Units Relative to Full Scale (LUFS), with a deviation range of plus or minus two Loudness Units and an audio peak at or below -3 dBFS or -2 dBTP.

To see a more detailed article on this announcement, along with screen shots, please see the January 2016 edition of the EsPRSSo newsletter, which is available at  

For more information about the PRSS Loudness standard, please visit the PRSS Loudness website at or you can contact the PRSS Help Desk at or 800.971.7677.


Posted: February 8, 2016