ContentDepot File Carrier Frequency Change

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The PRSS plans to move the ContentDepot File Delivery carrier to a new frequency on the Galaxy 16 satellite, transponder 5C, at approximately 2:20 PM ET on Wednesday, March 4, 2015.

This action is necessary to consolidate empty bandwidth on the transponder and to make room for a new carrier. The process should be completely invisible to the system, and stations should not experience any effects from this change since we will pause the file delivery process while the work is done. We anticipate the entire process to take less than five minutes.

The plan is to use the Net Manager equipment in the PRSS Network Operations Center (NOC) to load the new frequency into the second frequency register of all IDC SFX 4104 Pro Audio receivers. We will then take down the File Delivery carrier and move it to its new frequency.

When the carrier comes back up, all SFX 4104 receivers will lock to it, using the secondary frequency that we stored in them.  Once the receivers are locked onto the new frequency, we will use the Net Manager to reload the primary frequency registers and everything will be operating on the new frequency.  All SFX 4104 receivers that are in operation will get the change automatically.  

The frequency is the only thing that will change.   All other characteristics of the File Delivery carrier will be the same. The Stream Delivery on the L-Band 1 input to the SFX 4104 receivers will not be affected at all. There will be no interruption of live audio while we make these changes, and the SFX 4104 receivers will not reboot.

Any receiver that is not now receiving the File Delivery carrier will need to have the frequency of its L-Band 2 input changed from the front panel or the web browser interface before it is put back into operation. The File Delivery carrier is received through the input called L-Band 1&2. The carrier frequencies involved are:

Old File Delivery carrier frequency = 1345.1 MHz
New File Delivery carrier frequency = 1349.75 MHz

Anyone who needs help in making a manual frequency change can call the PRSS Satellite Maintenance Depot at (202) 513-2650 for assistance. All other inquiries should be directed to the PRSS Help Desk at or call 800.971.7677.



Posted: February 26, 2015