BuNOC Drill Scheduled for Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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On May 30, 2012, beginning at 12:40:00 ET and extending through 17:40:00 ET, the PRSS will conduct a live, system-wide drill of the Back-up Network Operations Center (BuNOC). This procedure involves shutting down the NOC in Washington, D.C., activating the BuNOC and transmitting live program streams and program files to the Galaxy 16 Satellite from St. Paul, Minn.

This drill is being conducted on a Wednesday to ensure maximum participation by producers, distributors, and stations during typical weekday operating conditions. A weekday drill also helps a significant portion of the PRSS community maintain an understanding of BuNOC processes and procedures.

Please note:

  • On Wednesday, May 30, the ContentDepot? portal and ContentDepot messaging will be offline from 12:40:00 ET to 13:40:00 ET, and from 16:40:00 ET to 17:40:00 ET.
  • From 13:40:00 ET to 16:40:00 ET on May 30, the ContentDepot portal and messaging will be available but on a backup site with a different web address:
  • The portal pages will have an obvious indicator that you're connected to the backup portal. The backup portal has all the functions of the regular portal.
  • Producers will be able to upload files, and stations will be able to subscribe to new programs or modify existing subscriptions from 13:40:00 ET to 16:40:00 ET (all subscriptions made on the backup portal will be synchronized with the primary portal; there's no need to make changes in both locations).
  • In the event of breaking news, decoders assigned to the Breaking News channel should operate normally.

Distribution of audio streams will also be switched to the BuNOC, starting at 12:59:10 ET. These streams will be switched back to the Washington Primary NOC at 16:59:10 ET.

Some SR2000pro stream decoders may lose lock on the satellite carrier once it is switched to the BuNOC. Stations that experience this problem will need to reset their decoder's LNB offset. Given the tight timing of the streaming carrier switchover, stations are strongly advised to have these instructions ready and available in the off-chance that a reset of the decoder becomes necessary. Instructions for performing this task can be found on www.prss.org:

o http://www.prss.org/media/support/Resetting-the-LNB-Offset.pdf 

While we do not expect any interruption of streams during the drill, stations may want to consider fix tuning an SR2000pro decoder during the drill. Instructions for locally tuning a stream decoder can be found on www.prss.org:

o http://www.prss.org/media/support/emergency_local_control_guide_070501.pdf 

Note: Manually tuning an SR2000pro will NOT prevent a loss of signal due to an LNB offset problem, as described above.

Any file deliveries from the ContentDepot that are scheduled to take place during the drill will occur as normal.

The PRSS HelpDesk will be fully operational during the exercise.  Stations and producers with questions or concerns should continue to contact the Help Desk at 800.971.7677 or prsshelp@npr.org.

ContentDepot Messaging will be available during the drill, EXCEPT during the times when the Primary and Backup Portals are off-line (from 12:40:00 ET to 13:40:00 ET, and from 16:40:00 ET to 17:40:00 ET). During those times, any emergency messaging that would be required will be done via the new ContentDepotEA LISTSERV. Please also note that, while the Backup Portal is active, you will need to use that site to send ContentDepot messages. The NOC will use ContentDepot to communicate with the system if there is urgent programming or system news.

The PRSS will publish additional updates to the system if any changes to the BuNOC schedule are required. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the PRSS Help Desk at 800.971.7677 or prsshelp@npr.org.


Posted May 22, 2012