Agreement for Use of the ContentDepot Distribution System

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To: All PRSS Stations & Producers
From: Pete Loewenstein
Date:  Sept. 10, 2012
Re: Agreement for Use of the ContentDepot® Distribution System


We have recently become aware of some concerns regarding the administration of the Agreement for Use of the ContentDepot Distribution System, and we are developing solutions to streamline the process.
Since 2006, an initial user has been presented an agreement to read and accept by clicking on a button saying “yes” in order to use the ContentDepot. Only then can the user access the ContentDepot portal. However, some station general managers have told us that it is not appropriate for their rank-and-file personnel to approve the “click-thru” agreement, and that in many cases, authority to do so resides at a higher level in their parent organizations.  Some managers have also stated that they were not aware that their staff members have been routinely approving the users’ agreement – including terms that they are not authorized to accept.
To address these concerns, we are taking steps to revise the “click-thru” message to general staff-level ContentDepot users. Effective Sept. 23, 2012, users will be asked simply to acknowledge that they are authorized by their organization to use the portal. We are also working out details of a new procedure for directing the formal acceptance of the terms of the ContentDepot users’ agreement to the appropriate official at each user organization.
In the meantime, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the Agreement for Use of the ContentDepot Distribution System, please do not hesitate to call me, or your account representative (find your rep here).
-Pete Loewenstein
Contact me at: (202) 513-2605 or E-Mail:


Posted September 10, 2012