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Who's On Board with MetaPub?

MetaPub has been a  collaborative effort between stations, producers, and vendors. Many public radio stations have expressed a need for additional program metadata in order to keep their listeners engaged across platforms, from car radios to cell phones to web streams.  A number of PRSS producers and interconnected stations are invested in this initiative, with additional insights provided by focus groups.  In fact, before we even had a chance to officially promote MetaPub, some stations began using it to send story-level data to listeners' NextRadio-enabled smart phones, HD Radios, and RBDS displays.

NPR, PRI, and APM have worked with developers at PRSS to make real-time metadata available for live programming.  Currently, MetaPub houses program-associated data for Classical 24 pieces as well as stories from all hours of the NPR daily news magazines which include Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, and Weekend All Things Considered.  For these programs, stations can now receive supplementary information about which song or story is playing along with host or artist name and a program logo.  MetaPub also has the capability to support unique images for each piece to provide listeners a dynamic and interactive experience with your content.


How to Get Started

If you'd like to add metadata to MetaPub so that stations can complement the broadcast of your program with information about what's on air, please contact the PRSS Help Desk at 1-800-971-7677 or  We can discuss options for curating your metadata and making it available in a central location so that Metapub can easily access it and share it across the system.