ContentDepot: Middleware Vendors and Other API Developers

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Where do Middleware Providers fit in with MetaPub?

A key component of the MetaPub system is the “middleware” element that resides at stations (or in the cloud on the station’s behalf) and connects the station’s automation system to other tools such as HD encoders, NextRadio receivers, RBDS receivers, etc.

These middleware applications are fed a station’s schedule information and automatically reach out to the MetaPub API to pull in real-time or time-delayed metadata. Those applications then automatically forward the data to enabled HD, RBDS, NextRadio and public radio streaming systems. A list of middleware applications is available for review here, though it should be noted that the listed applications are in varying stages of development and may not align with MetaPub. This list is provided for informational purposes only. 
The MetaPub API exposes metadata for client applications to consume and push out to end users via various hardware configurations such as smart phones, tablets, web streams, HD radios, RDBS enabled FM radios, and more. While each of these user experiences may be different, there are some common best practices that should be considered when working with MetaPub and its data. As the system evolves and the API changes these best practices will be updated.

How to get started?

The PRSS has developed a clearinghouse of information for middleware providers, located here. This page includes common best practices that should be considered when working with MetaPub and its data. These include guidelines revolving around access, caching, time shifting and presentation.
You may also direct any questions or comments to the PRSS Help Desk, and they will be routed to the relevant individual or group. You can reach the Help Desk at 800.971.7677 or email