ContentDepot: Message Types

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We’ve prepared this guide to help you decide which messages to receive. The guide describes the various types of messages that are delivered via the ContentDepot messaging system.


Urgent/Time Critical Messages



Message Subject Line

Type 1 - Sent to all stations and producers:
News is breaking. Immediate station response required.  Or urgent news regarding ContentDepot
Immediate coverage of unplanned news event; unscheduled PRSS system outage

* Alert – Breaking News

* Alert – System Outage

Type 2 - Sent to subscribed stations: 
Activity that might require station adjustment is pending
Coverage of emerging news event is pending . Stations should stay tuned. * Alert – Breaking News Advisory
Type 3 - Sent to subscribed stations: 
Programming change is occurring.  Stations should be aware and make adjustments as needed
Program fixes and updates, particularly for "Live with Subsequent File" programs.   Program updates for live special programming.  Station receivers have been double booked.

* Alert – Program Update

* Decoder Conflict Detected

Type 4 - Sent to subscribed stations:
Program audio does not meet producer intent. Station action may be required.
Impairments; language advisories.  Scheduled system maintenance.

* Alert – Impairment

* Alert – Impairment Update

* Alert – Language Advisory

*Alert – System  Management


Routine/Operational Messages

Message Type


Message Subject Line

Rundowns Program rundowns for subscribed shows. * Rundowns
Program Information Information related to a subscribed programs including information about program discrepancies, updates, promotional text, fundraising, and other program-related details.

* Program Information

* Program Discrepancy

* Program Update

*Promotional Text

* Fundraising


Program Marketing
(by genre)
Information on new programs and marketing messages. * Program Marketing
Program Update Updates to subscribed programs * Program Update
Promotional Text Promotional text for a subscribed show * Promotional Text
PRSS Information Operational messages including scheduled PRSS maintenance announcements; BuNOC test date announcements * PRSS Information
Content Exchange Information regarding Content Exchanges * Content Exchange
Fundraising Information regarding coordinated fundraising drives * Fundraising
Other A catch-all message type used by program distributors to send “other” information related to a subscribed program. * Other