ContentDepot: Manage Your Account

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Once you have logged into the ContentDepot, you should start by configuring your profile. The main benefit of the profile is to establish your messaging preferences before the ContentDepot begins to send you messages and alerts.

To get to your profile page, select the "My Profile" link in the blue welcome box in the upper right corner or select the "My Information" link under "Profile" in the left-hand navigation. On the profile page, you can edit your contact information.

On your mail profile page (look for the center tab on your profile page), you can specify alternative email addresses or external devices to which messages should be forwarded as well as the types of messages you want forwarded. You can also specify if you want to be notified about new programs in your categories of interest.

Tip: Mobile phone and paging address fields will only accept properly formatted email addresses. You must have a text messaging service established with your provider that enables email service to your phone or pager.