Getting Started: Internet Only

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As an alternative to satellite delivery of programs, your station can use the ContentDepot to request delivery of pre-recorded (file-based) public radio programming via the Internet (this service does not include live or real-time programs, as those can only be delivered via satellite).

With only a simple, one-time subscription setup, daily and weekly program files will be delivered to your station’s FTP server automatically so you have them when you need them.  You don’t even have to remember to download the show each week, because it is pushed to your FTP server.

What’s Included?

The following features are included with the Internet Access service:

  • Access to ContentDepot - public radio’s national program distribution system,
  • The ability to search for and subscribe to the latest pre-recorded programming from NPR, Public Radio International (PRI), American Public Media (APM), WFMT and hundreds of independent producers,
  • Access to the PRSS Content Exchange service at no additional charge.  Content Exchanges allow stations to post and share files among communities or networks of interest,
  • Automated delivery of content to your station’s FTP server, and
  • 24/7 PRSS Help Desk assistance.

Who’s Eligible?

PRSS services are available to any public telecommunications entity. To determine your eligibility, please contact our account management department at 202-513-2618 or via email at

What Do You Need to Get Started?

  1. A signed Internet-Access Agreement with PRSS
  2. An Internet connection
  3. An FTP server to receive content

What Does It Cost?

Stations joining the PRSS on an Internet-Access basis will pay a Distribution/Interconnection (D/I) fee equal to one half of the full D/I fee for satellite-interconnection.  These fees are established by the NPR Board.  Proportionate reductions in these fees are available to stations with annual incomes less than $235,000.

While the Internet-Access Agreement entitles stations to access the ContentDepot and to receive distributed programs, it does not address program usage rights or pricing. It is the responsibility of each station to contact the program producer or supplier to negotiate usage rights and payments, if any, for specific programs.

Internet delivery does not include live or real-time programs, as those can only be delivered via satellite.

For more information on Internet-only access, contact our account management department at 202.513.2618 or via email at