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As a ContentDepot administrator, you have responsibility for maintaining the ContentDepot records for your station or producing organization's contacts. Contacts are individual people who work for your organization and need to interact with the ContentDepot portal. Click on the tabs below to learn more about how to create, update, and reactivate contacts.

  • Create Contacts
  • Update Contacts
  • Reactivate Contacts


You can create two types of contacts:

  • Marketing contacts who will not need to log into the system (these contacts can just be listed for information purposes on program information pages), and
  • Contacts who will log into the system to perform ContentDepot functions based on the permissions you will define for them.

When your administrator account is created, two emails are sent to your email address. One email contains your username; the other is a randomly generated password. When you log into the system for the first time, the ContentDepot will guide you through the steps required to change the assigned password to one of your choosing. The new password must be at least eight characters long.

Tip: You and any contact that you create must have a unique email address. If someone at your organization does not have a unique address or a personal email account that can be used, there are many sources for free email accounts, including Yahoo, Hotmail, and Google (gmail).

To create a new contact, log into the ContentDepot and follow these instructions. The ContentDepot will walk you through the necessary steps.

1.) Under the "Profile" section in the left navigation, click on the link for "Customer Information."

2.) When your customer profile appears, select the "Contact Management" tab.

Tip: If you do not have links to the ContentDepot areas described above, your account does not have administrator permissions. Please contact your PRSS account representative if you were designated as an administrator by your organization.

3.) Click the "Add a new contact" link.

4.) Fill in the contact information and, if necessary, update the address information. Be sure to complete all of the required fields, which are marked with an asterisk.

5.) When you have finished, click the "Continue" button.

6.) On the "Contact Permissions" page, check the checkbox for the role this person should have.

Tip: Be careful when assigning roles (e.g., producer or station administrator) which allow a person to manage customer profile and contact information. It is probably best to limit these privileges to one or two people at any organization.

7.) When you finish assigning roles, click the "Next" button.

8.) If there are optional privileges associated with the roles you selected, you will see a list of them. Select the privileges you would like to assign to this contact and click the "Next" button. For more detail on these permissions, see the Optional Permissions section below.

9.) If your organization creates programs that are in the ContentDepot, you may see a list of them. Select the programs this contact will have access to and click the "Next" button. The section on "Program Permissions — Producers" (see below) will give you more information on these options.

10.) Your selections will be displayed for confirmation. To save the selections you made, click the "Create Contact Profile" button. To go back and make changes before saving, click the "Previous" button.

Important: The contact profile is not saved until you click the "Create Contact Profile" button.

Tip: If your organization is both a station and a program producer, you will have options to create both types of contact accounts. When you and your contacts access the ContentDepot, your home page will display both the information about the programs to which you have subscribed (station view) and the producer view of the programs your organization produces.


It is easy for you to update a contact profile at any time as things change at your organization. To update a contact profile, log into the ContentDepot and follow these steps:

1.) Under "Profile" in the left navigation, click on the link for "Customer Information."

2.) When your customer profile appears, select the "Contact Management" tab.

3.) Click on the link that displays the name of the contact you want.

4.) Use the "Update" buttons to edit the sections of the profile you want to change. Please note that there are separate buttons to update basic contact information, address information, roles, and permissions.

When you are finished updating an individual section, click the "Save Updates" button to return to the contact's "Profile" page.

To inactivate a contact account for someone that has left your organization:

1.) Navigate to the "Contact Management" tab.

2.) Look for the appropriate individual in the "Modify Existing Contacts" list.

3.) Click the link to "Remove Access." This will automatically render the account inactive.



The ContentDepot will inactivate a contact account if an individual attempts to enter an incorrect username and/or password three times in a row. If this occurs, you can reset the contact's account by navigating to the Contact Management page, locating the individual on the list of contacts, and reactivating their account by clicking the link to "Grant Access." You also have access to the contact's profile page where you can reset the contact's password, as necessary.